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Jack receives some good old fashioned slave training at the talented hands of Mistress Venus May. He must learn to please her and take as much punishment as he can before he will be released from bondage and be permitted to worship her feet. The more submissive he is the wetter her pussy gets. When he is finally fucked with her large strap on cock we see the juice drip from her cunt as she pushes deep in his ass.

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We treat her like all the other slaves that we handle. Chasity gets tied and primed as she poses for us and we get both of them posing and looking sexy. He is very pleased to see Chasity bound and waiting for him. He rigs Regan with her legs completely spread. After taking a few pictures we decide to add a new machine than with a new model. She admitted a dark secret. We pull three orgasms from Chasity's helpless body.

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Alexia is stunned and confused when Marisa leaves the Paris to enter. She uses Alexia's pantyhose to hold in the dildo and she cums. We decided that her perfect tits wrapped in pink rope.

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You see, PD has enough shit in his party kit to turn her into a circus-freak-fuck-doll like no one has seen before. Well... not quite "action." Hog ties, for instance, give excellent control. If you want to see her face covered in cloth and cold water poured over it like she's a Gitmo detainee, they will make it happen.

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starts out at the bottom of a dark hole that is hot and humid. She knows better than to ask for relief, but the membership decides she could use a bit of cold water anyway. They give her so much that she needs to push up against the bars to get a decent breath of air.

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Gwen Diamond turns the tables on her low life, invertebrate husband and serves up a lesson he will not soon forget. Little billy is hobbled and forced to tear off her stockings and worship her beautiful feet before she allows him the pleasure of sucking her beautiful pussy. She whips him till he pleads for mercy before assaulting his tight asshole with her strap on, spilling his hot cum all over himself.

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