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He pulls her arms back and leaves her blindfolded. So, and then we fucked her hard and fast. First scene, Alissa is wearing a nice corset and a g-string. We have been rigging vibrators to pussies for a long time since she shot in anything but a studio. We decide to leave her there for six minutes, until the intense vibrations bring her to squirting and screaming orgasms.

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Picture it - serene rolling hills, birds singing, a babbling brook trickling downstream, somewhere in the distance a whip cracks, rope tightens, men whimper. After meticulous planning, Mika, and her hottie girlfriends, Xana and Jasmine stick it to their men, whipping them into shape. Mika unleashes like only she can finishing Mitch with an ass pounding.

Meninpain presents a femdom of the kind that not to be missed. Mika gags her man with her pantyhose and clamps his nipples.

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Mistress Penny Flame takes the reins on newbie bitch boy Max Powers and runs him through the ringer starting with a severe caning to his young ass. She then fucks his welted ass with a huge strap on, and makes him roll over and beg for more before finally giving him a taste of her pussy, fucking his cock and feeding him a load of his own cum.

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We put Karen on a table and have her crawl and bow. Karen is a hard-bodied dancer, so we direct her to strip off her clothes and the reddening continues. Then, we have her panties off, we gag her with tape. Karen is tied up, mostly because she doesn't do much bondage and it makes her even more evil and stronger than super bitch.

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Jack receives some good old fashioned slave training at the talented hands of Mistress Venus May. He must learn to please her and take as much punishment as he can before he will be released from bondage and be permitted to worship her feet. The more submissive he is the wetter her pussy gets. When he is finally fucked with her large strap on cock we see the juice drip from her cunt as she pushes deep in his ass.

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Lydia gets tied and gagged, her feet bound in rope, her hands are tied behind her back as Karla shows off her clit piercing before fingering her to orgasm twice. Lydia comes in to spank and strip her. What a powerful woman! Mmphs as he pulls off her bra and panties. Lydia and Karla's Diamond night turns into a sexy party night. Lydia has his way with her tender body.

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